Versatility In-situ reinforced concrete dwellings can be designed in virtually any style and can have elements such as high walls, large spans and cathedral-type ceilings. They can also receive any class of finish (single layer, paint, stone and plaster etc). Anything imaginable can be executed in concrete. Concrete is a plastic material. Not plastic in the polymer sense, but that it can be moulded into any shape. In this way, concrete is highly adaptable to designers’ needs. The dwelling architecture or design can be carried out without any restrictions, meaning it can adapt to any architectural form and dimensions. In-situ reinforced concrete dwellings can have any design the architect desires. Concrete can be moulded into any shape, be coloured, lacquered, painted, single-layer finished, faced with wood and even faced in view. Many architects and developers prefer to leave the concrete walls in full view. The organic concrete surface provides a very clean space to the eyes, in which decoration and furniture stand out.

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